Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hostess with the mostess!

Is that still cute? Let's pretend it still is, and move onto more interesting topics.

Such as: Herman Yu's studio opening party! Where the most interesting folks in Seattle design and beyond mingled with... us? What a space! What a spread! As you can see in the pics, Herman's new studio feels like the waiting room to heaven. Flooded with light, open and airy, homemade Vietnamese food, and a sweet loft. I swear the egg roll and mango salad platters kept refilling themselves.

We're lucky enough to know Herman through her incredible work and locational coincidences (she and my fella were studio neighbors). We've Wii bowled together! A really cool lady, who's so warm and generous (and modest!), and great fun to chat with. I won't embarass her by gushing about her work, I'll just say she creates the most beautiful images you will ever see in your life. That's all.

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