Thursday, January 15, 2009

Patch Kit Valentimes!

Give yourself a fun little project, and give a loved one (or again, yourself) a sweet reminder of your affection! Sweetheart Patch Kits are now available in our shop in plenty of time for Valentimes!

Choose from ten different but equally charming animal friends. Is someone you love a bear or fox or quail? Are you a squirrel?

Chika's story that she tells whenever the subject of squirrels comes up: I'm personally not too fond of squirrels because I have run over squirrels while riding my BIKE ---- TWICE. And both times they dove for my bike tires, and both times I screamed very loudly, and both times they seemed totally uninjured, while I remain traumatized to this day. BUT to bring it back to Valentimes, I learned later that they exhibit risky behavior to impress potential mates - pretty romantic, huh? Totally gross for me, but maybe that squirrel got a lady friend out of the deal.